Special Announcement: 

For eight years we at Columbus Craftacular have had a blast
putting together the CC shows.

We thank you so much for allowing us to put on the fund raiser
and helping local businesses/artists profit.
Kellie and I have decided to retire Columbus Craftacular as our
lives have become more busy with new careers, so it's a bittersweet happening, but we feel it's the right choice.

Thank you to all the vendors, non-profits, local businesses, volunteers,
Etsy Team Columbus, Columbus Handmade and our wonderful patrons who made it so awesome!

-Jamie, Kellie and the rest of the volunteer team <3 

Columbus Craftacular Showcase is this Saturday!
May 7th from 10-4pm
 Now all indoors with more vendors! 

Whetstone Community Center

Here is what you can do to get ready to shop!
  1. Check out our event on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1Uhc5OG
  2. FIRST 50 shoppers get a free CCS Swag Bag!
  3. Post a great photo of you at the Columbus Craftacular Showcase on Saturday! On Facebook, tag @ColumbusCraftacular; on Instagram, tag @ColumbusCraftacular. Also use the hashtags #columbuscraftacular and #columbuscraftacularshowcase2016. 
  4. TELL EVERYONE! That means tell your friends, family, customers, neighbors.
  5. Check out www.allofeed.com and find product from one of our vendors. 

We will see you all on Saturday!

The Columbus Craftacular planning staff are excited to announce several changes to our 8th annual community festival in 2016. Each year after the event we receive feedback from shoppers, vendors and friends which helps us work to improve the following year's experience.  We like to try new things and stick with what works well.

This year you will notice our name has been slightly altered from The Eco Chic Craftacular to The Columbus Craftacular Showcase. This is a result of deciding to invite the participation of all types of vendors, whether they might be considered "environmentally friendly" or not. We wanted to be more inclusive and to also expand the variety of handmade creations offered up for our guests to browse and purchase!

Another noticeable change this May will be the shift of art/craft vendors to indoor-only locations. Unpredictable Ohio weather in Spring sometimes puts a damper on our festival fun...so this strategy ensures you won't have to slog through any mud or dart from tent to tent dodging rain when you visit us. Our food vendors, however, will remain outdoors due to building and safety codes.

You might wonder if our tweaks to the program will affect our musical entertainment this year. We are happy to share that not only will we have great tunes as always, in our 8th outing you will find musical acts performing in 2 different indoor locations!  More options means more fun, right?

Finally, another new detail of interest will be the creation of over-sized corner booths for select vendors.  You know sometimes our fabulous vendors just bring more awesome with them than a normal spot can comfortably display.  This improvement seems like a win-win for everyone!

Be sure to check back with us here on the blog as we continue to bring you exclusive updates, previews and sneak peeks leading up to show day! Thanks and we can't wait to see you in person in May!