Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Band Spotlight on: Zuck's Turkey Farm!

Band Spotlight on: Zuck's Turkey Farm! Taking off from where Ishkabibble left off, ZTF is an energized power trio laying down a vast array of rock genres. With John Zuck on bass, John Bellas on drums, and Scott Stevens on guitar, this is a band that will make you wanna get up and dance to their funky grooves.  They are playing outside at 3pm.

Please enjoy this video of Zuck's Turkey Farm..

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Amazing Sponsors: Proforma & Trashcab

Julie is Proforma has been an amazing sponsor since the start of Eco Chic! 

Need ways to market your company? Julie is your go-to-Gal for creative and innovative products. Contact her today!

Trashcab is a sweet company in Columbus that serves Columbus and its surrounding suburbs. TrashCab was initially intended to be a service used by residents in large apartment complexes. TrashCab made the most sense for these clients because of how simple and convenient recycling can be.

Their idea has spread and it is now a recycling and trash solution for businesses, special events, and even student organizations like sororities and fraternities. 
Check out how you can use Trashcabs services today!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Band Spotlight: Roxy Mae!!!!

Band Spotlight on Roxy Mae!! Formed by Columbus rock guitarist/vocalist Matt Starr in 2010. The original lineup, featuring Bas on bass and Noodles on drums, recorded a 3 song CD of original songs.

Now consisting of Starr on guitar and vocals, Joe Black on bass and vocals, Heidi Helser on drums and vocals , & Louie Lively guitar / vocals. The band has officially begun recording their debut album.

Booking Information:
Debut Album out April 18

Roxy Mae has shared the stage with Ratt , Sebastian Bach, Queensryche, Burn Halo, Orgy, Seven Mary Three, The Dreaming.

These guys are really fun live, don't miss them! They will play outside at 4pm.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Volunteer in 2014!

Want to volunteer at the coolest Green Craft Show on the planet? 
(or at least in Columbus?!)

We are always looking for great volunteers to help at the event a success!
Everything from setting up tables, passing out maps, helping at the game table and break down!

Be our favorite person of the day,