Meg's Mix is the new sweet treat in town!
1. Please describe what you make.
I make yummy baked goods from scratch under the Ohio Cottage Foods Law. Cookies, cupcakes, icing, cinnamon rolls and chocolate-covered strawberries. 

2. How did you end up making this/doing this?
I began baking with my mom when I was a little kid and absolutely loved it. It's been my hobby ever since. 

3. In what way are some of your creations "green" or eco friendly?
Right now I am looking for more green solutions for delivery that will still provide a quality product in the end. 

4. Is this your "work" or your "hobby" or both?
Baking is a little more than my hobby but one day I hope to make it my full-time job.

5. What do you love about participating in arts & crafts shows?
I love to meet new people and shop local!

6. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
Teleportation. Cheap travel to anywhere.

7. Describe your dream vacation.
I would love to take a world cruise.

8. Name your top 5 favorite things to do/go to/see in Columbus.
1. North Market
2. Hollywood Casino
3. Farmers Markets,Craft Sales, and Local Fairs
4. Columbus Zoo
5. Easton

We agree! Great choices Meg!

Stop by and visit Meg's Mix at Eco Chic Craftacular 2015!!

Thank you to our sponsor Virtue Salon.  Virtue Salon prides itself on being Columbus' only vegan hair salon.  They use only products that are vegan, not animal tested, and botanically based in the salon.  They recycle every bottle, cap and container. Cut hair is collected and composted, and they use no paper products at all, and the towels are washed with biodegradable detergents.  Their goal is to become a zero waste facility.  They are a full service hair salon in Clintonville.  

We have a great music line up for you for 
Eco Chic Craftacular 2015!


*Remember to tip the musicians and by a CD! These wonderful people have donated their time to benefit the Whetstone Community Center! Support local music!

12:30 to 1pMidnight Coast

Midnight Coast is a 4-piece alternative rock band with primary influences from Twenty One Pilots, Ben Folds, and Coldplay. The members of the band are not set to just one instrument but jump around stage playing everything from piano and guitar, to ukulele and synth. They currently have two albums on iTunes and Spotify. "Midnight Coast EP" and "Everything in White". Songs are supposed to make you think. 

1:15 to 1:45pRyan Pope Band


Straight out of Cleveland, Ryan Pope is an aspiring singer-songwriter who has worked hard to establish himself as an up-and-coming artist. With parts spread deep into pop, hip-hop, soul, and rock 'n roll; Ryan's eclectic background is a springboard for his upbeat, acoustic-driven music. 
Ryan started out at open-mic performances, and in 2010, he moved down to Columbus. With persistence and dedication, he is now expanding his band and his catalog of original songs. He is striving to reach audiences throughout Columbus and the surrounding area, and eventually hopes to embark on a national tour. Catch the Ryan Pope Band as they frequent local bars, restaurants, and music venues.
Ryan has a breakthrough sound that is beginning to touch the masses.
You won't hear original music like this anywhere else! 

2-2:30pKrenelka Trio

This acoustic trio plays very cool tunes from the 70s to today - from Steely Dan to KT Tunstall to Ziggy Marley. Todd's unique guitar interpretations and Bec's bluesy soulful voice blend in a way that only many years of playing together produces. Jason's tasty percussion ties it all together to give this trio a very unique sound. 

2:45 to 3:15pOne Eye Theory

One Eye Theory is a Columbus-based band of five songwriters who bring their musical influences together to create music based in rock with tastes of alternative, jazz/rock, Americana, and funk. Established in 2008, OET has performed at Comfest, Lifestyles Community Pavilion, Woodlands, The Shrunken Head, and dozens of other top music venues in Central Ohio. 

4:15 to 5pMonkey Rider

Monkey Rider is an alt-country/blues/rock band that does original music and covers. Band membership: Tony Young (lead guitar/vocals), Bill Rish (lead vocals/harmonica), Tim Hammond(rhythm guitar/vocals), Jim Sites (bass guitar) and John Anderson (drums/vocals).